Dear Dr. Lowenstein,
Mere words cannot adequately express the depth of my gratitude for your being more than a physician, but rather a guardian angel by my side during my Mom's last six months. You are a beautiful, compassionate person,

Dear Gail,
Thank you for being there for my mom and me during her long illness. Your kindness, compassion, and priceless advice has made a difficult situation easier to bear. Without you, her end might have been very different. You taught me what hospice is and how valuable it is. It certainly was in our case.
Much love,

Dear Dr. Lowenstein,
Every doctor said I needed stress tests and an angiogram and then possibly stents or bypass surgery. You were the only one who gave me lifestyle options. I followed your advice and didn't even go for the testing the other doctors recommended. I can now walk for miles without chest pain.

It is clearly worth the cost of this service for my peace of mind. I can call you at anytime (including weekends and even in the middle of the night) and I never feel like I am bothering you. I know you will do whatever you can to keep me out of a hospital, if at all possible. I still see my own doctors because you do not have an office practice, but I confer with you before following their advice.
Age 87

Dear Dr. Lowenstein,
I have been on your retainer service for many years. Knowing I can call you on your cell phone or home phone at any time, takes away the panic and fear that engulfs me when I don't know what to do. I no longer need to wait until the next day to reach a doctor, only to be told he or she is with a patient and will call back hours later. When I call my cardiologist, the answering machine says “call 911 if this is an emergency; the doctor will be in the office at 9 AM.” This is not good enough. My anxiety level is too high to wait to speak to a doctor and I do not want to go to an emergency room where I may have to wait around for hours to see a doctor.

I always feel better after talking to you - no matter what the problem is. I know that you truly care about me and treat me the way you would treat your own mother.
Age 83

Dear Dr. Lowenstein,
You asked me to write what I get out of being on your retainer service. The following examples explain it:
While taking a walk in the evening, my heart started beating rapidly and I immediately tried walking back to my home. There was no other person around, and I was really frightened that I would not be able to get back home. I walked very slowly to a bench and sat down. Then I got home, collapsed in a chair and called you. You told me exactly what to do and I got better. Without you, I would have ended up in the emergency room. You were able to tell me what to do over the phone, even though I was visiting another state at the time.

When I had bronchitis, the doctor wanted me to go to the hospital because my sodium level was dangerously low. I refused. I called you and you reassured me that I can stay out of the hospital by reducing my fluid intake. You called me every day and sometimes multiple times a day to check on me. However, I began feeling worse on a Thursday. My doctor was not available again until Monday. You were with me every step of the way - during the day, the evening, and weekends - and kept reinforcing how much fluid I could have and monitored my symptoms. I did not feel alone. I felt protected in that I was being continually monitored and you would tell me if hospitalization became absolutely essential. Again, this happened when I was visiting another state.

It is such a comfort knowing you are always there for me, whether I am in Florida or NY, whether it is a weekday or weekend, or whether it is during the day or night.

Dear Dr Lowenstein,
Once again, this is to say THANK YOU for the invaluable services you provide; paramount of which is peace of mind … what every caregiver wants. Shouldering the responsibility all alone of the medical wellbeing of another person is a huge responsibility. It is incredibly reassuring, knowing you’re on the case because your patients get the best care. You are a highly competent medical doctor and dedicated advocate of your patients’ best interests and quality of life. It’s like having a great doctor in the family. Further, most comforting in today’s world is a doctor that patiently takes the time to listen, explain and repeat as needed.

The combination of your vast professional medical & geriatric expertise, kindness & compassion, as well as genuine personal interest you take in your patients’ wellbeing is unique in the medical community today. You go the extra measure – supporting your patients and caregivers emotionally and medically whether:
- fielding phone calls 24/7
- finding & consulting other medical/health-care professionals/resources/alternatives
- advocating & guiding us through the many medical bureaucracies (private & public)/other minefields
- communicating by writing letters, just speaking up even when it’s against the tide!
Best regards,
- M

Dear Dr. Lowenstein,
My sister and I live out-of-town and coordinate the care of our demented 98 year old mother long distance.  Not only have you given her the medical care she needs and helped us set up continuing quality care for her, but you have also given my sister and me
peace of mind. By using your retainer system we have had instant contact to you, day and night, as we navigate mom's care. You always answer calls quickly and with great patience and kindness. We now have wonderful care in place, and we know you are there at our fingertips when the next medical issue arises.  Thank you for the peace of mind that all three of us have!
- Rona

I am often faced with sudden and overwhelming symptoms from various medical conditions that cause me much anxiety. The at-home visits are a wonderful alternative to constant visits to the emergency room which are time-consuming and difficult. Dr. Lowenstein made a house visit that eased my mind about my well-being. She quickly evaluated my condition and recommended treatments to get me back to health. She is someone I trust and has come to be a great comforting force in my life.