Specializing in Ailments that are Difficult to Diagnose and Treat

Home Visits Include:
- Alternatives to hospitalization or nursing home placement
- Medication review and non-pharmacological alternatives
- Chronic pain management
- Wound management
- Comfort care
- Holistic-Integrative Medicine

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Medical Visits in Your Home by Gail Lowenstein MD - $450 for initial visit/$300 for follow-ups*/$500 for emergency visit** (Additional charge for travel more than 20 miles from north shore Nassau County).

*Nurse Practitioner who accepts Medicare payments is available for routine follow-up visits in lieu of Dr. Lowenstein, upon request. The nurse practitioner is only available if on the Retainer Service – see Retainer Service below.

**Follow-up and emergency visits are only available for those on the Retainer Service – see Retainer Service below. Click here for case reports of Home Medical Visits.

Retainer Service is modeled after the care Dr. Lowenstein gives to her own parents. It allows free access to Dr. Lowenstein via e-mail and phone without incurring additional charges. Dr. Lowenstein will coordinate all aspects of a patient’s care, including consulting with all health care professionals the patient may be using. This is a completely individualized plan of care, in which Dr. Lowenstein may initiate periodic contact with the patient to monitor current condition and medical needs.
Retainer* Fee:  $300 / month or
$600 / 3 months or 
$1,000 / 6 months

*VIP Retainer Service fees are non-refundable.
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Telephone Consultation Service (when not on VIP Service): This service is excellent when you need fast answers to questions and help navigating the medical system. $120 for 30 minutes. Click here for case reports of the Telephone Consultation Service.